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Friday, September 9, 2022

Reality Curse [Behind The Scenes]

First of all, I am sorry that I am not going to post a new part of my 'Reality Curse' series this week. But there are a few ‘behind the scenes’ thoughts that I wanted to share with you first.

Before, and even after posting the latest part in my ‘Reality Curse’ caption series, I had a good plan for the next 2 installments. Or at least for how the story is supposed to progress.

But after reading the comments posted there by Anonymous, Bashful and Zapper (I’m still super amazed by the amount of thoughts you’re putting into this series ;)), my mind went into overdrive. I’ve been thinking about this series A LOT over the past few days. And while I’m still going to make and post my originally planned caps, I’ll have to postpone them (and maybe adapt them a bit). Because the comments just gave me so many more ideas to explore.

I already found a few new pics for the new ideas that I came up with during the week. And I hope that all of you are going to enjoy the direction this series is going to take.

And because this series looks like it’s going to be going on for a while, I'll add a new label ‘Series: Reality Curse’ soon. Plus I will also connected the individual parts with previous/next links (just like the caps on the Magic Remote or Anniversary Leap blogs).

I hope that at least some of you are as excited about this as I am :D

Stay tuned!

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Daughter's Perspective

Episode finished and New Poll

I just uploaded the second part of the episode 'Lady Leaper' on the AL blog. Head over to find out how the episode ends.
Of course, there's also a new poll, which lets you decide what happens next. Don't hesitate and pick your favorite(s).

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Finally! New Episode and New Poll

The moment some of you have been waiting for is finally here. I just uploaded the newest episode 'Lady Leaper' to the AL blog. Yay!
So, don't waste any more time and head over to read the latest adventure.

And don't forget to participate in the poll, determining how this episode should end!

We really hope that this episode was worth the wait :)

Didn't Steal Anything

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Delay (Sorry)

Hey guys!

I am super sorry that it is taking me soooo long to publish the next episode of Anniversary Leap. But apparently summer isn't a good time to sit in front of a computer and try to come up with long caption series. There are just so many distractions :D
And I guess that's why there used to be only reruns on TV in the summertime. No writer could come up with new stuff, hehe ;)

Adding to the many other excuses I have for not working on "2x05 - Lady Leaper" right now is the fact that I'm on vacation, yay! That's why you also won't get normal caps this week. I just couldn't find the time to create and prepare the posts :(

But I'm sure that I'll come back with my batteries reloaded and with fresh ideas.

Until then maybe you want to go back and read the old episodes of Anniversary Leap. Or maybe you want to head over to the Magic Remote Captions blog and read of few of Harry and Steve's fun adventures in TV land :)

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Second Part and New Poll

The second part of Stage Fright just went online. Go over to the AL blog and find out what the mysterious and alluring man knows about the Leaper. And how he thinks he can help him.

And also don't forget to choose what episode you want to see next!

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Different Wake-Up Call

Finally a New Episode plus Poll

Believe it or not but I finally managed to finish writing the first part of episode 2x04 Stage Fright :D

If you'd like to see what's behind this title and if you'd like to have a say how the episode continues, head on over to the AL blog, read the episodes and vote for your favorite option.

Once again, I'm sorry for the delay. And I hope that the episodes will be published on a more regular basis again :)

Friday, June 24, 2022

Reality Curse - Awkward (Part 1)


I'm very sorry for keeping you waiting so long for the next episode of Anniversary Leap. Many factors contributed to fact that I haven't finished the first part of 'Stage Fright' yet. My laziness, having to fight against a tiny little bout of writer's block, lots of BBQs with family and neighbors, and many new shows on various streaming services ;)

But I'm happy to say that I've found my creativity again over the past week. And I made good progress on writing the next episode. So, I promise that you won't have to wait much longer.

In the meantime, and in order to make up for the delay, I'm finally going to post a new part in my 'Reality Curse' series in a short while. I hope you're going to enjoy it.

Stay tuned!