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Thursday, October 6, 2022



  1. LOL! funny story & pic. Poor guy & girl

  2. Would love to see a continuation that something happens to make him him as her longer and learn to adjust!!

  3. Of course, Tom was stupid enough to think that he’d get an easy A. Well, that ship has sailed. And so has is “sexy times” plans. And how will Wendy make sure that she gets to stay in Tom’s body and the nerd gets to stay in the cheerleader’s body? Hmm.

    Maybe Tom will eventually accept this new status quo. Tom is now a freshman and will have to retake all of those classes. And maybe “Wendy” can study better and make better grades than the first time around. And maybe his girlfriend who’s been swapped with the nerd can attempt to date “Wendy.” Or maybe “Wendy”’s tastes might lead her to football players. Not because Tom was a football player, but because “Wendy” starts thinking that they’re really hot.

  4. Ha! I bet Tom and his GF never get their bodies back.