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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Life-Changing Decision

Special Notice

Hi guys,

first of all, thank you all for your continuing support. All of your comments mean a lot to me and they keep me going on with ease.

My blog has almost 5 million views by now, so I thought that this occasion might need a bit of a celebration. I want to create an extra caption each day for a week, shortly after we hit the 5 million mark. But I don't want to just create two random captions a day, no, I want your direct input. That's why I have created a poll (yeah, my first one here in this blog), and I want you to choose which caption(s) might need a next part/chapter.

The poll options basically are divided in three groups:
The first 4 options are already existing caption series, and maybe you want to see another part.
The next 9 options are single captions, but by your comments (thanks again to all of you) I thought that you might want to see a continuation of it.
And the last 3 options are captions that might be the start of new story devices, and maybe you want to see more of them.

Since that damn poll widget doesn't let me add links to the poll options (or maybe I'm just too dumb to find out how), I'm going to provide links to every option at the end of this post.

And now about the rules: I've calculated that we hit the 5 million views in about 8 days, so this poll is closing in exactly 7 days (on Saturday, October 4th) at 2 pm (PDT). The top 7 will see a continuation to them, the others not (yet, at least). You can select as many options as you like.

I hope that you like my approach in this case and that many of you participate in the poll.

Once again, I want to thank every single one of you for coming to my blog and looking at my creations, and a special thanks to everyone who has ever left a comment. You are the driving force that keeps me doing this.

Best wishes,

Here are the links to the original captions (in case of the caption series the links lead to the newest parts):

Caption series:
Calm Mistake
Going Out
Multiple/Peculiar Spells

Possible caption series:
Life Sharing
Stay Determined
Favorite Actress
Hard Decision
Not A Librarian
Inappropriate Thoughts
According To Plan
First Experience

Story devices:
Interesting Party
As Advertised
Written Wishes