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Friday, October 11, 2013

Call-Up To Everyone

My dear friends,

a fellow captioneer is in the middle of conducting a caption contest. And I've learned that there are just a few entries. So what I want to ask from you is this:
Please do contribute in this contest, you still have time till the end of October.

If you are a long-time lurker and you didn't create a caption before, I think this is the right time to try being a captioneer yourself. Every one of us has started small. A few years ago I couldn't even imagine to publish my creations on a daily basis, but look at me and my blog.
I think, that there are many ideas out there that deserve to be published; and why not start in a contest like Amel's?

I urge you to at least consider it and to let your imagination get the best of you!


P.S.: Once again, here is the link to the contest, but you can find out all about Amel in her blog.

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