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Friday, April 28, 2023

Opposite Of Good - Rock Bottom

I was going through some random, older caps of mine (yes, that's something I do from time to time ;)) and I stumbled across this 2016 caption. And after reading it again (and the corresponding comments) I HAD to make a sequel :D

Oh...and there's another part coming next week...hopefully ;-)

Friday, April 21, 2023

Make Public - Part 2

I really enjoy going through my various image folders and suddenly getting an idea for a sequel to an older caption :)

Friday, April 14, 2023

On The List - Part 2

This is another sequel that I wanted to do for some time now (had this pic on my computer for almost a year :)).

I don't know if there'll be another part. But you know me. If I can come up with more ideas for situations in his daughter's life that Tom has to go through (and with the corresponding pics to them), I'm definitely going to turn them into caps ;)

Friday, April 7, 2023

Lightweight - Follow Up

Here's a sequel caption that I wanted to make for a long time. And finally I managed to get to it :)

Part 1

Monday, April 3, 2023

Man For Hire

Some of you may have already guessed that I’m trying to use pictures from every episode of the new Quantum Leap TV show in which the Leaper lands in a female body. And so far I managed to do that :D

But last week’s episode (S01E17 - ‘The Friendly Skies’) proved to be a bit difficult. Because the scene in which Ben was looking at his reflection was very VERY short. I really had to go through it frame by frame. And this picture was the best I could find :)

But...I think it works well with the idea I came up with for it ;)

In case, anyone is interested in the other episodes or maybe you have missed one, here are the links:

Minion - ‘A Decent Proposal’ (S01E04)
Cheat Death - ‘Paging Dr. Song’ (S01E10)
Old Movie - ‘Leap. Die. Repeat.’ (S01E11)
The Chef - ‘Family Style’ (S01E13)

Time Is Running Out - ‘Ben Song for the Defense’ (S01E15)

Saturday, April 1, 2023

Surprise Episode and New Poll

Today I'm pleased and honored to present you a special surprise. Because this time the new episode isn't 'just' based mostly on the ideas of TGCaptionBlogger. No, the entire episode Saloon Sorrows was written by him :D

So, it isn't just a must-read for every fan of Anniversary Leap, it's also a must-read for every  fan of TGCaptionBlogger's fantastic work. What am I saying? It's a must-read for everyone :) Because it is THAT good!!

Of course, there's also a new poll open over on the AL blog. Please, after reading the new episode take a bit of your time and help to decide what's going to happen next. And just like with the last two polls, this one again is going to be open for 3 full days.