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Friday, July 9, 2021

On The List


  1. A cap with a pick of Peyton List from "The Swap". Awesome.

  2. Nice cap, with potential of continuation, Tom making out in the end witt Damian making their swap permanent

  3. wickdly funny! great pic. Good story. I wonderhow she' s doiog?

  4. Pls do more peyton list and do some Sarah Hyland caps too pls

  5. Too funny. I bet the longer he's in that teenage body the more he starts acting like a girl.

  6. Aww! The new “Peyton” is falling for Damian. Agree that it needs a sequel.

    I would love it “Peyton” destroys the idol to be with Damian or if Damian learns about the idol and destroys it so that he and “Peyton” can be together. Maybe “Peyton” learns that the idol is going to start working soon and becomes despondent that she will have to return to her old life. If Damian learns who she used to be, he could “accidentally” destroy the idol so that “Peyton” can be in the clear to “Tom.” If Damian does this, he can tell “Peyton” about it later and she can fall even more in love with him. Aww.