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Thursday, November 24, 2022



  1. Well, that went south pretty quick. However, if Greg really didn't believe that Stewart was at fault for the breakup, then he might at least feel switching bodies with his best friend was the least he could do. At least that is the way Stewart sees it.

    Stewart just needs to hope that she. the psycho witch ex-GF isn't attracted to him now that he is wearing Greg's body. Or maybe she can't forget that Greg causes her so much heartache and the very sight of Greg, even though he is really Stewart, sends her over the edge and she changes "Greg" into a woman as well.

    Or the ex could have cast another spell that kicks in once Greg and Stewart switch bodies and they fall madly in love, despite remembering their former lives as guys and best friends.

  2. wickedly fuunny. very original

  3. With friend's like him, who needs enemies! LOL