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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Fun Weekend


  1. These are literally my favorite kind of stories!

  2. Was this REALLY an accident? Or did Nina PLAN this?

    1) Nina PLANNED this. She was going to make sure that Benny was the one getting pregnant. Nina had some clothes she had worn for each day surrounding the last time she was the most fertile and she hadn’t touched them since. If she didn’t get Benny pregnant THIS time, she would change the clothes one day closer. And Nina made a tiny hole in the condom. Soon, she’ll turn back into “Benny” and ask “Nina” to be the bride. “Benny” will state that they can’t have a child out of wedlock. They’ll have a quick wedding before “Nina” starts to show. Of course, “Benny” will sure “Nina” has a FANTASTIC wedding night! Of course, the medallion has a tendency to get lost…so “Benny” will definitely help!

    2) Nina DIDN’T take plan it. But she need to to take Benny’s place…and realizes she prefers being Benny! She tosses the medallion, but not before she makes a near-perfect copy. She can then explain that it must not have been the medallion and that Benny has to be “Nina”…forever. But “Benny” will explain that HE’LL make “Nina” scream harder in bed than Nina ever screamed for Benny. And “Benny” will prove it every night!

    1. I like option 1 better. lol - The idea that Nina planned the whole thing is great.

    2. Yeah. I prefer option 1, too! That’s probably why I spent more effort developing it. I mean, look at the size of the paragraph for option 1.

  3. lol - Gotta love the medallion.