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Friday, October 21, 2022

Reality Curse - Not What He Expected


  1. I'm a happy endings kind of writer and I like where this part of the series ended with Nick in a real relationship with a real girl.

    Now that the Nick situation is resolved, I wonder if Peyton will make any return appearances?

    Who will Fred be next? Could Lisa match them up as each other? Possibly a pregnancy to lock the curse and leave them as a couple but as each other?

  2. What is a curse, a spell to change someone into something else. It can also reveal things to. It depends on things too.

  3. I like how you ended this part of the curse. I do think there needs to be a more permanent resolution. I agree with Bashful, I also like happy endings, and it seems that Fred is really enjoying being female while Lisa enjoys being male. Still there should be some drama. Like the curse kicks in and sticks Fred in a terrible situation and once that fantasy is over, he tells Lisa what happened and that he can't take much more of it. Lisa then explains she has a solution but warns that it is a big step. Her fantasy, as it turns out, is to be a rich young playboy, on his honeymoon, with his super-hot trophy wife. The fantasy is to have and raise a large family, something Lisa always wanted, but after almost dying while delivering Nick, she was told she couldn't have any more children. Now, after having been a man several times, Lisa realizes she can have the large family she always wanted, only this time she's the husband and Fred is the wife. Even better, once the last child is married the fantasy ends and they go back to the moment in time it started, and they can raise Nick. In effect living two lives. It also ends the curse since Lisa discovered a key part of it is that Fred has to give birth to end it.

  4. I guess the picture is supposed to represent Fred’s initial confusion, but it looks like he’s hurt.

    Fred seems happy about learning about Nick’s girlfriend, Amy. However, he feels weird not being the one who did the breaking.

    A few possibilities:

    1) Nick stays with Amy.

    2) Fred/Becky has feelings for Nick. These feelings may have been initiated by Fred becoming Peyton, but they are still there even though Becky is just a friend.

    3) Amy doesn’t actually exist. Amy is actually Lisa. This is all a plan by Lisa and Nick to see if Fred’s feelings for Nick exist beyond just being Peyton. Nick told Fred that Becky was Nick and Amy’s friend. If Fred’s feelings for Nick are only due to being Peyton, then Fred/Becky should not have them. However, if Fred’s feelings are unconnected to being Peyton, then Becky will have them.

    4) Amy doesn’t actually exist. Amy is actually Lisa. Nick will date Lisa/Amy and Fred/Becky (or Fred/Peyton if he transforms back). At some point, Fred’s curse triggers and Lisa and Nick focus on keeping Fred as Becky or Peyton permanently. This ends the curse due to Shapeshifter Mode Lock. Bonus points if they can also make the three of them immortal.

  5. I like how you ended this part of the curse. I am really curious to see where you take it next.

  6. Love this series! Please continue this......

  7. Love this series!! Please continue......

  8. I feel like it’s only a matter of time before some random person is like “I want to start a family” and fred is back for the long haul.

    Maybe some of Nick’s friends though Peyton was hot and wanted to take a swing now that they were broken up