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Friday, October 14, 2022

Reality Curse - Can He Go Through With It?


  1. I have a lot of thoughts on this but I'll leave it with the fact that you have promised a blockbuster ending. Bring it, please.

    1. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this part of the series, Bashful :)

    2. Sorry, I just saw this comment last night.

      I've reviewed the series and taken note of the note you left on Sept 9.
      Lisa seems intent on keeping Fred on the "straight and narrow" although she seems to be programming him to enjoy female sex.
      I had looked for foreshadowing but the Sept 9 note makes that seem unlikely to follow what you might have had planed.

      Fred thinks he has the plan to fix the Peyton and Nick situation but like all plans, they are useless after first contact.

      Was the gleam in Nick's eye because Nick is somehow actually Lisa?

      Lisa seems to really like being the man in the relationship. Is she hoping that Fred will end Nick's relationship with Peyton and allow Lisa to influence a situation where Lisa is the man of the house and Fred is his loving wife seeking a happily ever after ending? Stopping the curse and allowing them to both enjoy the aftermath?

      The last post is troubling since it seems that Fred/Peyton is falling for Nick in a serious way. Not breaking up as planned, calling Nick "babe", and agreeing to the dance date that could be weeks away. Finally the specter of a possible after-dance party that has cost many a teenage girl their virginity.

      It's a dangerous time for Fred and his family unless Lisa has something in mind.

      Has Lisa read and translated the curse, does she have a plan that requires Fred not to be aware of her plans?

      Is the fantasy that Fred is living out Nick's fantasy or is it Peyton's? That would be a serious complication.

  2. What is Fred going to miss? Being young? Because he could get his wife to fantasize about that. Or is it being Nick’s girlfriend? Because that would definitely end if his plan is executed.

    An actual kiss between Nick and Fred/Peyton. Not one of Nick’s false memories . And Fred liked it.

    Oh, yeah. I’m pretty sure that Nick definitely KNOWS. Lisa either told him about the plan or maybe Nick wrote himself a note about Peyton’s identity. Either way, he seems determined to keep this relationship going. If Lisa didn’t tell Nick about Peyton’s true identity and Fred’s plan, then this is a love triangle and could turn into battle between Nick and Lisa for Fred’s love.

    Fred/Peyton has totally abandoned his plan. There seems to be a new one, but the way Fred is talking to himself suggests that he’a actually trying to convince himself and doesn’t actually want to follow through. Because he could’ve still broken up with Nick even after being asked and inadvertently nodded. He could’ve easily mentioned that it was inadvertent and that “she” really likes him but she needs to break up with him for [insert likely enough reason].

  3. Little did Fred know that the dace is in two weeks. Now he is stuck living the life of a teenage girl, going to school, hanging out with Payton's friends, and making out with Nick between classes. As time goes by Fred discovers it's harder and harder to think of himself as "Fred," instead his "Payton" personality grows stronger each day until the day of the dance. Nick and Payton decide to go "parking" prior to getting to the dance. Payton and Nick spend their time making out and are caught by a passing patrol car. They end up never making it too the dance because the police take them both home. The next morning Fred wakes up still in Payton's body having not fulfilled Nick's fantasy and is stuck as Payton until they make it to the next school dance.