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Friday, September 30, 2022

Reality Curse - Telling Everything


  1. So, Fred finally told Lisa about Peyton and Nick. But what I find interesting is that that even though Lisa went through at least three fantasies (including this one) which took a few weeks, Lisa is secondary to Nick in Fred’s mind (“neither fair to Nick nor to you”). He could have mentioned or her first or mentioned that if was not fair to either of them. But he didn’t.

    And he does mention his plan. Of course, there are ways that it could backfire.

    1) Fred/Peyton breaks up with Nick. Nick is just destroyed.

    2) Fred/Peyton tries to break up with Nick and just…can’t.

    2) Fred/Peyton breaks up with Nick. Nick reveals that he knows Peyton’s identity. He doesn’t care. He still loves her and is willing to fight Lisa.

    3) Fred/Peyton breaks up with Nick. And Nick reveals he cursed himself. It activates and…Fred stays Peyton. It’s what Fred secretly wants..

    4) Fred/Peyton breaks up with Nick. And Nick reveals he has cursed himself. It activates and…Fred becomes Lisa and Nick becomes Fred.

  2. Mmh I think if Fred does go through this plan of his, we might have the first (and last?) occurrence of someone actively acting AGAINST the fantasy of the target. I seriously doubt Nick fantasizes about being dumped.

  3. The curse is that Fred has to live out the person's fantasy. It is interesting that it is proximity based. What happens if it kicks in while at work and he's away from both Lisa and Nick? What fantasy does his secretary have? What about after work enjoying a beer at the pub with his bodies and it kicks in? Or at the gym?

    Also, there are so many ways for this to backfire. What if he feels it about to start runs to Nicks room and busts in, only to find Nick playing with himself and thinking of finally having sex with Peyton? Suddenly, Fred is Peyton and they are in the middle of the act.

    Anyway, I can't wait to see what you do next with this series.