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Friday, September 23, 2022

Reality Curse - Naughty Quality Time


  1. lol - I didn't see that fantasy coming. Well done.

  2. Interesting that Fred assumes that it’s a “young love scenario” and appears to prefer it to the actual scenario. That’s the type of scenario he/Peyton has with Nick.

    It could be that Lisa is being honest about the idea that keeping Fred “sexually active and satisfied in the fantasies” will keep him from ever cheating. The problem with that plan is that she never discusses her potential fantasies before they occur. And this fantasy and the previous one are fantasies that make Fred uncomfortable. And she still uses the fantasy to refuse to talk to him. So, this will probably backfire. Of course, this could also be a ploy to make Fred so upset that he becomes Peyton.

  3. We don't know how much Lisa knows about the Fred/Peyton and Nick fantasies.

    What if Lisa is trying to keep Fred satisfied and loyal to her to keep him from making a mistake acting as Peyton with Nick? As weird as things are, Nick might have told his mother about Fred/Peyton over his father/girlfriend's instructions and how complicated it is since Peyton is also a real girl and Fred just fills in for her when the curse gets triggered.

    Keeping Fred occupied makes him less likely to be put into an awkward position with Nick. That's what she means when she says she's making sure he remains faithful to her by not hooking up with their son.

    But the raging hormones of a teenage boy are hard to control. Maybe Fred doing the deed with this teenage boy (who is really Lisa) will keep him from jumping in the sack with Nick the next time Fred is Peyton?

    A stray thought just hit me. What if Nick has a dream about being with Peyton and is not sure if it triggered the curse. He's holding this beautiful teenage girl in his arms but isn't sure who it really is. Just then the girl says "Are you going to kiss me or not?" Nick struggles and finally says, "Is that you Dad?"

  4. Can Fred get pregnant in any of these bodies? If so, does that leave him stranded in that life?

    1. What if Lisa has a fantasy to father a child with Fred as the trophy wife? Will that stick the two of them in a 9 month fantasy?