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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

The Only Guy


  1. And if THAT doesn’t work, there are always one of Marcus’ male friends or one of his wife’s male friends. Which also leads to a divorce between the man Marcus cheated with and the man’s wife. A divorce where she gets to keep his body. This ultimately leads to Marcus and the man dating and maybe getting married.

    Which was Marcus’ wife’s plan all along. She wanted Marcus so horny that he would everyday cheat on her in her body while also continually mentioning a friend of his or a friend of hers. She was conditioning his new sexual arousal to be coupled with thoughts of the man. The same man’s wife she has been screwing since the very beginning of the swap therapy...and BEFORE the swap therapy.

    Of course, they later start dating openly. Because they bonded over their cheating spouses, mutual divorces, and lucrative divorce settlements? How DARE you imply otherwise?! ;)

  2. I get hot and horny just looking at her! Zoe

  3. The awkwardness in the video is perfect for the story.

  4. What I'd give to swap into a body like this!