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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

A Start


  1. From besties to lovers, how sweet

  2. It looks like Victor is willing to do ANYTHING to try to salvage a friendship with Troy.

    Ooh. It would be interesting for Victor to present a box of donuts to Troy. Troy asks if Victor’s going to have any and Victor replies in the negative. “I only eat eclairs. I just LOVE sucking out the cream.”

    However, I could see Victor start crying that Troy is still using the name “Mary.” Of course, Troy being a great boyfriend quickly grabs a necklace that says “Victoria.” That night, Troy gets several times.

    And Victoria could have Troy make a list of everything that Mary wouldn’t do because Victoria plans to do them all…multiple times in multiple combinations.

  3. I think Victor wants more than friendship. lol

    1. And in a few minutes, EVERYONE will know that Troy is giving Victor more than friendship…again and again and again.