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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

I Thought We Were Friends


  1. Why worry about friendship at a later time when you have a beautiful girl waiting for you to have sex! Go for it!!! Zoe

  2. A few possibilities:

    1) As the time to leave gets closer, Reggie starts getting despondent. Eric finds him and ask what’s wrong. Reggie explains that he’s afraid what will happen after they leave. He doesn’t want their relationship to change. Eric smiles and admits that he’s been thinking the same thing and tells Reggie they will be together, one way or the other.

    2) After DAYS have non-stop sex, Eric approaches Reggie and admits to feeling guilty. After the first night, his horniness was sated by Reggie. Except, Reggie made him feel so good, he didn’t want to stop. So, he implied that he was hornier than he really was, hoping that that Reggie would help again…and again…and again. Reggie takes a moment and says, “Well a fitting punishment would be that my GIRLFRIEND tends to MY horniness.” Eric gleefully complies.

    3) After DAYS of non-stop sex, Eric is on the verge of tears and admits to feeling guilty. Eric admits that he was never as horny as he led Reggie to believe. He’s been in love with Reggie for a long time. And when he was exchanged with a woman, he took the opportunity to be with Reggie. Eric is afraid that he destroyed their friendship. Reggie hugs Eric and says that’s it all right and that their friendship has changed and is better because they are now lovers. He plans to stay Eric’s boyfriend no matter what.

  3. Love the animation and caption. I bet they both end up with a holiday they never forget.