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Friday, September 9, 2022

Reality Curse [Behind The Scenes]

First of all, I am sorry that I am not going to post a new part of my 'Reality Curse' series this week. But there are a few ‘behind the scenes’ thoughts that I wanted to share with you first.

Before, and even after posting the latest part in my ‘Reality Curse’ caption series, I had a good plan for the next 2 installments. Or at least for how the story is supposed to progress.

But after reading the comments posted there by Anonymous, Bashful and Zapper (I’m still super amazed by the amount of thoughts you’re putting into this series ;)), my mind went into overdrive. I’ve been thinking about this series A LOT over the past few days. And while I’m still going to make and post my originally planned caps, I’ll have to postpone them (and maybe adapt them a bit). Because the comments just gave me so many more ideas to explore.

I already found a few new pics for the new ideas that I came up with during the week. And I hope that all of you are going to enjoy the direction this series is going to take.

And because this series looks like it’s going to be going on for a while, I'll add a new label ‘Series: Reality Curse’ soon. Plus I will also connected the individual parts with previous/next links (just like the caps on the Magic Remote or Anniversary Leap blogs).

I hope that at least some of you are as excited about this as I am :D

Stay tuned!


  1. I am happy to hear you are going to do more with this concept. I also totally get how things can change like that. Keep up the good work and I know I don't mind waiting for the story.

  2. Crestf, take your time and enjoy the captioning! This is a great series, I think I could turn it into a story but I'm super excited to see where you take it. So many possibilities here . . .

  3. Glad we gave you some idea that you liked!

  4. Hey! Just thought you should know there's a guy on deviantart that is spam posting all your captions without credit or anything. Just in case you were unaware.

    1. Hey, GoldenGodTG!
      Actually, I was unaware of this until I read your comment. Maybe you can give me more details (like a link or something). I'd really like to check it out myself.

    2. Hi!
      It's "Ronintheripper" on deviantart. You can see a couple of your captions here:

      Otherwise you have to scroll through a ton of random spam posts to reach them in their gallery. I've just found that they have other people's caps too, like a couple from 'Some TG Captions' and celebritytgcaptions. They definitely know they're stealing since they delete all the comments I made on their posts about it.

    3. Whoops! I wasn't signed it, but yeah Ronintheripper on deviantart

  5. I'm glad the creative energy has you sticking with this series. It's really good.