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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Working On His Tan


  1. A few weeks later, Lauren was finishing up with the pool at her former home when Pedro came out to see her. Pedro was wearing a long robe and no makeup even though he had previously done a very good job of making himself look like the original Lauren. He looked shaken and drawn. Eyes darting back and forth his lips open slightly as if he was having a problem breathing.

    "Are you sick?" Lauren asked.

    "Not exactly, I'm pregnant."

    Lauren laughed out loud at the frightened man turned mother to be.

    "It's not funny, what do I do, should I tell your mother first or your father?"

    "YOUR mother and father, remember? I'm just the pool boy. WHo's the father, Jimmy or Bob?"

    "You, it has to be you, I haven't done it with anyone else, I'm too afraid. You're the only guy I know that I feel like I can trust."

    "The one person in the world who you feel you can trust and that's whose life you stole. Tell mom first, she'll understand better than Daddy then she'll tell daddy. They're good people, they love their daughter, they will help you get through it."

    "What about you, will you help? I don't want to be a single mother."

    "Are you asking me to marry you? All we've ever done is have sex a few times after you stole my body and future."

    "Please, this way you'll have some future. Maybe you can get an education and work for your, well my... "our" father."

    Lauren considered it, it would be better than sweating all day long for so little and going home to the beat up camping trailer she lived in now.

    "Okay, but you are going to be the perfect wife. No more nude sunbaths, no more liquor until the baby is born. No more weed or cigarettes, ever. You need to get me some cash so I can get a decnet room to live in, some better clothes and clean up before you introduce me to my former parents and future in laws."

    "I will, thank you Pedro."

    "Remember, I'm the man now, I'll be the husband. And this is only baby #1, I want a big family."

    "Yes sir, I understand."

    1. Oh My God!
      What a fantastic continuation of my little caption story. I honestly never imagined this story to have a happy ending for both main characters, but you managed to prove me wrong ;-)
      I'm loving it, Bashful! Thank you very, very much!

    2. Didn't see your reply until today. I appreciate you kind words.

  2. Cool body theft and I love Bashful's continuation. lol

  3. I wonder how can such a bikini top can stay in place. Any thought?