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Thursday, October 7, 2021

Flip A Switch


  1. I wonder if Miles has ever "woke up" while in the middle of an encounter with a guy who was attracted to his unique style of dress?

    Take this day he has just experienced. Still wearing heavy makeup and slutty clothes, he gets in his car to head home after work and the next thing he knows, he is on his hands and knees facing the mirror in his bedroom with a strange man kneeling behind him, pumping into his pussy and slapping his ass every other stroke. He doesn't mind the big, rock hard, thick, hot and throbbing cock thrusting into him (Oh YES!!! Harder damnmit harder, HARDER!) But he wasn't sure about getting spanked. The one thing he really hopes is the guy screwing him right now is wearing a condom.

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  3. Miles, now Millie will soon come to gripes with her changes and will become the woman she really wants to be. Just needs to get over her period.

  4. Lucky for him, he got the feminine spirit as well. Easy adapt for her new life

  5. The RE sure messed up his mind.

  6. Elsewhere, Kimber a young hooker who had been effected by the Role Exchanger when Miles was. Had started adjusting to her changes. She had started dressing much more professional and with the other changes. Had started to turn things around too, with the confidence of a business manager and maturity of almost 50 years.