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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Regain His Throne


  1. Please continue this, love the plan to take back control in her body

  2. And thus began the short reign of Queen Mary sentenced to the pyre for the crime of regicide and witchery a few months later. Thankfully the god fearing judges were immune to her lies of body stealing.

  3. This is a twist of Game of Thrones, thou he is a heir, a male heir, his sister thought she should be ruler of the lands. So she switch bodies with her brother. Now she is ruler and now he is a girl must obey?

  4. amazing. love seeing a great fantasy swap

  5. Love the role reversal here from King to Lady and advisor to handmaiden :) Awesome cap!

  6. I love the story, and how calm the king is in his sister's body. Amazing that he is so unemotional when discussing his plan. Well done.

  7. wickedly funny. Great fantasy story! Long live thequeen. Super use of pic