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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Working Conditions


  1. So Shannon is the mythical stripper with the heart of gold? I like it, happy endings are nice.

    Speaking of happy endings...

    After Joe, dancing as "Joanne Jiggles", had spent a few weeks as an exoctic dancer, she started supplementing her income with some private lap dances in the VIP room. That eventually led to a number of "Happy Endings", for her AND her "special customers", one in particular.

    Joanne resisted turning back, claiming she wanted to get a "real feel" for what the other girls experienced before she took over again as Joe running the new and improved club.

    When Joanne missed a couple of shifts, which she had never done, Shannon became concerned. She still looked like Joe and is still running the club. She got a text message from Joanne including a photo of her and her new husband getting married in Vegas by an Elvis impersonator. Joanne admitted to being pregnant and happy and telling "Joe" to tell all the other girls that "Joanne Jiggles" won't be back.

    Shannon realised she had to somehow get the title of the club transferred to her name or remain Joe from now on. He own experiences with "Happy Endings" as Joe with women she had picked up outside of the club, had caused her to consider keeping the male life and make sure "his" girls continued to enjoy the new and improved working conditions.

    1. Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to come up with a continuation of my story. It's absolutely fantastic.

      I love how Joe had grown to like his new body and life so much that he decided to stay like this. And it seems that Shannon found a liking to her new status as well.

      Thank you, Bashful. Great stuff!!

  2. Haha, I love Shannon's plan. But... this is the Medallion of Zulo we're talking about here, right? Why do I get the feeling that Joe will be spending a LOT longer than just a few months as a stripper? ;)

  3. Shannon at the start is thinking of keeping Joe as an undocumented stripper for just a month. So she can make managerial changes to the club and teach him a lesson.

    But with the medallion, things rarely go as planned. I wonder if she has a few too many drinks one night and Joe's live-in girlfriend seduces her? She discovers that she likes sex as a man and starts to enjoy running the club and her new large, strong, respected male body? After the first week she has made up her mind, she's keeping Joe's life.

    After a month she tells Joe, he's done enough to earn a change. Joe thinks he's getting his body back but instead she changes Joe into a perfect copy of her former body. After all, she promised not to keep him in a body without any legal documentation she never promised to give him his life back.