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Friday, October 29, 2021

Reality Curse - French Fantasy

Wow, haha. This one turned out even weirder and sillier than I thought it would.
I hope you still find it funny though :-)


  1. Hilarious part, man! I love the accent change :D

    Also glad to hear that he enjoyed his wife's fantasy ;)

  2. Hehehehe . . . too funny. I do wonder, he's spending so much time in female bodies, how does that change him?

  3. Ooh! He enjoys having sex with his wife as a woman and her as a man AND the first caption indicated that the he had certain residual feelings for his son. Easy fix. His wife and son make a plan for ten future. The wife turns into the father, the son stays the same, and the father turns into a girlfriend that the two of them share. And if they curse can give them all immortality, they can stay together forever.