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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

On Site - Part 3

And here's the finale of this mini-series. I hope you like this ending!


  1. erotic,clever & powerful dreamlike story

  2. another thought has occured to me. I wonder if both like it so much or feel so at home like this that they pretend to be each other & don't swap back?

  3. I love how you've developed this series. Hank is a database expert . . . I wonder if he's tempted to break into the company database and delete the log that recorded his current swap with Selena? If the swap didn't happen according to the computer then he is now the real Selena and she is now Hank.

    Or maybe Selena uses her permissions as Hank, a database administrator, to change the records, keeping his body. She gets the male body she's dreamed about and goes from being an intern/college student studying computers to a salaried employee with a degree in the field.

    lol - Cheers