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Sunday, December 22, 2019

His Boss - Part 3

While I was preparing this part of the series, I realized that I misspelled the boss' name in the second part. This mistake has been fixed.
And....originally this part was planned to be the end of the series, but....somehow it feels a bit too open-ended. What do you think? ;-)


  1. Crest... please keep this series going! This is the real deal when it comes to unique captions! Very AWESOME!!!

  2. How do I email you?

  3. Please Gimme me more

  4. "please make this a longlasting series! daniel in miss gershaw being attracted to older men and eventually accept the womanhood,eventually getting tired of having her old body pleasure her she decides to fire her old body getting rid of her connections to her past life she then goes to the lab and makes them stop investigating the energy spike as she smiles as she know was miss gershaw forever."
    comment this so they knows that ppl still interested

  5. Nice continuation. I like how he wanted to tell the truth but his body's needs caused him to change his plan. lol

  6. I got confused. Is there two Ms. Gerson's now? Like this story by the way

    1. No no no, lol, so Daniel is in Ms. Gerson's body, but like a copy of him is still in his body so it's kind of like an autopilot thing going on.

  7. I love your unique stories like this one. :)