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Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Strong Personalities


  1. One there both men turned into girls, because that stupid remote. But it did more much, much more. They started to have their personality. Luckly one still had enough will power to focus, not to get into the programing, the charter. But the other more her than him. And he is starting to slip into it.

  2. Frank understands the situation better than Carl does and therefore has the exact right attitude. Carl on the other hand needs an attitude adjustment. Hopefully, he’ll smarten up and just go along for the ride. And if he does, for the next 2 days going along for one ride...then another...then another...

    I’m guessing that the next time Carl and Frank use the remote, they’ll end up as female porn characters again. And this time it won’t be an accident.

    1. That is the problem, do you have a strong will, maybe, but it's easier to chip away, those things, those male memories. To recreated it on to another person. It may overlap or mix into there old and new memories.

    2. I don’t think the remote actually chips away at memories. I think it’s more that Frank and Carl (when he finally realizes he has the wrong attitude and just gives in) would act more as passive observers of the activities of the female porn stars. Sure, they would feel getting ridden by the male characters, but they wouldn’t actually feel the characters’ emotions. So, what I was saying is that the next time they’ll WANT to be female porn characters based on the physical pleasure that they’ll receive this time around.

  3. HA! Be very careful when using the magic remote.