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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Science Fair


  1. i LOVE this one, mothers getting their bodies stolen by their sons is always fun.

  2. this is absolutely amazing! love it. definitely need to see them come back next year with the smaller device haha

  3. Cool idea. Yeah, a live demo would be needed. lol

  4. I agree with Elizabeth! Sons stealing their mothers’ lives is SUPER fun!

    Now, the boys have a definite science fair winner if they can prove it. But I think that they’re thinking too small. How much do you think the other boys in their class would pay to see what life is like as their own mothers? To see what it’s like to be the one in charge? To see what it’s like to be a married woman? To see what sex feels like?

    And they’d need a device to brainwash the mothers into always believing that they were the sons. Or at least brainwashing them into not being able to tell anyone who they really are.

    And how much MORE would their classmates pay to swap back IF they don’t like it? If the boys pay a few hundred for the swap, then you can charge a few thousand for them to swap back. However, I wouldn’t bet on this for a business model. A few nights of sex with their new husbands and most would be quite content to stay put.

  5. LOL! love the paper mache volcano

  6. I'd love to see how the project goes next year! Building on the other anonymous person this could be a series that follows each pair of swaps.

    1. Follow each pair of swaps would be fun!

      And I thought more about what if they made it a business and I realized I hadn’t thought about a potential revenue stream. The husbands! At first the husbands might be a bit horrified when they learn what has transpired. But then they’ll realize the new wives are quite a bite more...enthusiastic. No more complaining about headaches. Well, any headaches are the ones cause by a headboard. No more complaints that a certain position is automatically “degrading.” The new wives want to try it ALL. And they don’t necessarily want to just confine to to the bedroom! The husbands will pay a LOT to keep the new sons they they were always boys or to brainwash them into not being able to tell who they were before. It will be money well spent.