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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Not That Nightie 3

I had this pic sitting on my computer for a while now. And I knew that I wanted to use to continue this series. And finally this idea came to me. I hope you enjoy it :)


  1. I’m starting to suspect that the mistakes that have occurred are actually part of a deliberate attempt to take over his wife’s mother’s life. Or, at least, a fortuitous incident that he’s utilizing in taking over her life.

    Brandon (as Julia’s mom) wants to look good when he takes Julia (as her mom’s poodle) for a walk in the park? Sounds like Brandon wants to use Julia to meet some hunky dog owner.

  2. Identity Theft/Identity Death; woof woof: LOL.

  3. I'm already hoping that some day we'll get to find out what else Brandon gets up to in his mother-in-law's body.

  4. Just wait until Brandon's mother in law comes for a suprise visit, and gets involved.

  5. There are so many ways this can go. So many questions. Is Julia a boy doggie or a girl doggie? Is she fixed? If Julia accidently gets knocked up at the dog park, how long will she have to be a dog before the puppies get born and then whelped? The answer to those questions is 2 months gestation and 6 to 8 weeks before the puppies are on solid fuel full time.

    What would 4 months as a mommy dog do to a human psyche?

    What if Brandon is pregnant because Julia never knew her mother took hormone replacement therapy to help with hot flashes and it delayed her menopause and she is still fertile. That might be a bizarre twist, pregnant in his mother-in-law's body with his own child with a litter of puppies and a wife who may never remember how to be a human.

    Brandon arrives home after making a date with a handsome younger (younger than his apparent age) man. But his boss called and left an urgent voice mail insisting he call him back. Now he has to be himself to return the call or he might lose his job. But the medallion doesn't work.

  6. Bring more of this one

  7. Please make more on this