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Friday, February 23, 2024

Reality Curse - Real Housewife

Some of you may have already waited for this. The first 'Reality Curse' part in 2024 :D


  1. I really like this series and idea. So if he touches the person when the curse kicks in, they both know about the change, but if he isn't touching them and the curse kicks in, he is the only one aware of the change . . . Correct?

    1. Yes and no ;)

      Fred's curse activated a few times while focusing on his son without touching him. But! Because they shared a fantasy once (when Fred touched his son and became his girlfriend), the son somehow knew it (it took a few times and Nick (the son) had both sets of memories, the real one and the fantasy one).

      I know, this part of the curse is a bit...shady. But that's what curses are in general, right? ;)

      Thanks for being here, Zapper!

    2. Thanks for the reply. I love the idea here, so many stories could be written off this idea. lol I look forward wherever you take this one.

  2. Can't wait for the continuation :)

  3. Still think Nick is a better match for Fred than Lisa. Fred was always Nick’s girlfriend (except for that very last time) and was always respectful of Fred’s boundaries. Lisa seems to get a creepy satisfaction of using the curse to satisfy her own sexual fantasies and desires even to the point of seeming not to care whether Fred would actually want to participate in a certain fantasy.

    That could easy go into film noir-esque territory. Fred, finally at his wit’s en with his wife’s behavior, runs to Nick for help. Fred cries and Nick is moved too much not to help.