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Friday, November 24, 2023

Reality Curse - It Can Do That?!

Sometimes, characters get new powers or machines and devices get new upgrades in TV shows in later seasons.

Well…and that's also the case here in this series ;)


  1. Things seems like they're going to be spicy ;)

    1. Spicy in what way? Spicy as in in cool? Or spicy in *naughty*. Because the young man could not only be fantasizing about being a leader of adventurers in a fantasy setting but also romancing a female warrior.

      If so, Fred will be involved with slaying a dragon and then dealing with the dragon in the young man’s pants! ;)

  2. I like Lisa's fantasies. I think a good conclusion would be, she fantasizes about being a father and she and Fred are stuck for the next nine months.

  3. COntinue this pleaseee :)

  4. Oh, wow, what an awesome new twist!