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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Calm For A Reason

Once again, I made use of the incredible creativity of my good friend CelebSwap when coming up with the story for this caption. It is based on an idea he had for the picture I sent him.

Thanks for providing me with so many fantastic ideas to choose from, buddy :D


  1. Both victims should seek revenge against the nameless wife to prevent further retribution by the apparent b_t_h.

  2. good story & great pic?I wpnder howthe wife will do with her new husband? LOL needs parts PLS

  3. Great work! I could imagine a year later the husband enjoying to be in his mistress body so he doesn't want to swap back.

  4. Stuck in that amazing body for a year!? What an awesome punishment :D Great cap.

  5. I love this one . . . lol . . . I wonder if after a year Kevin and Kate have adjusted to their new bodies and lives.