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Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Argue Too Much


  1. school today? And that meant having to change in the locker room for gym class. Well, at least she would get to see the other girls strip naked and they wouldn't have the foggiest idea that a guy was actually staring at them! Maybe the switch will work to his advantage today! Zoe

  2. Ooh! Maybe Kirsten has a secret boyfriend. A trip to the janitor’s closet will make Lucas VERY thankful for the punishment. And maybe Lucas will start finding ways to trigger the punishment. Or even finding a way to set up an “accident” to destroy the heirloom to keep Kirsten’s body!

  3. hi can i ask where is if from i mean film or tv show name thanks

    1. This scene is taken from the 2000 movie 'Bring It On'.

    2. I thought that was a Cheerleader movie, or was it a jock and Cheerleader swap bodies movie?

  4. I love the shocked look at waking up in a girl's body. I wonder, if they weren't arguing do the parents have other motives for the swapping?