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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Stolen Page


  1. Gus
    I want the page to be cursed! Thanks!

  2. A “scrawny boy” is turned into a hot woman permanently? That’s not a curse, that’s a blessing! Either the original curse creator was a misogynist or Thomas was a bit of one.

    But we know what will happen. One night, Thomas will be unable to resist the sexual needs of her feminine body. She will beg Gus to help him deal with her issue. Gus will give Thomas the night of her life. The next day, she will wake up and still be in her cursed form. She will think it was because it was due to the sex or maybe the possibility of pregnancy. But it might not occur to her that Gus might’ve just changed the curse back to its default setting. And even if it does, she might not care after that HOT a night!

  3. TO have the ability is one, the skill and understanding is another?

  4. What a TERRIBLE curse. I would HATE that ;)