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Thursday, November 21, 2019

New Workplace


  1. WOW! well done, a full story in a few words, super use of p \ic

  2. Hehehe, and now Eliza is in a powerful male body, combined with her far greater intellect she will soon be running their criminal organization.

    1. Well, maybe not. Matt might be able to come out on top by being a stripper. Matt strips in Eliza’s body. Matt eventually comes to terms with Eliza’s body’s needs. Matt seduces Tony. Tony proposes. Matt marries Tony.

      Ooh! Eliza goes to Matt with a plan to bump off Tony. Matt seems to go along it…until it’s revealed that Matt told Tony Eliza’s plan. Matt is DEEPLY in love with Tony. NO ONE hurts Matt’s man. Eliza with sleeps with the fishes.

  3. Oh, she was always a cutie and did really good work on Banshee.