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Sunday, November 10, 2019

New Instincts


  1. The Young woman got Reggie's body in the swap and was totally in shock. Reggie was so calm about the hole thing it was unreal because he got his motherly instincts from his mother now his/her daughter. Reggie decided to use the woman's name and life, but had to go home to tell his dad what happened Reggie now Rebecca took his old body with her first thing they did was stop by a Walmart to get baby things and a car seat. When Rebecca got home she broke the news to her dad but the funny thing happened he wanted to keep the family together even thought Rebecca was now 13yrs younger than her dad. They made it look like Rebecca was the mother of the newborn and second wife to the husband where Reggie was now the son they used some strong drugs on the boy to make him believe this story and after a couple of months Rebecca was now sharing the man's bed who was her old dad now new husband the baby who was the first mother now the second child, and poor Reggie was a basket case thinking he was a grown woman in a teenage boys body so when Reggie became 18 he transitioned into Regina to fix this lie.

    1. That's hot, Anonymous!!! I like it!!!

      Different Anonymous

  2. Amazing caption. So sweet and sentimental, the picture really drives the story.

  3. Very good story. Though, I do wonder.. what happened to the newborn, whose age Reggie's mom got. As well as I would guess it was the newborn's mother that Reggie got the maternal instincts and milk enhanced chest from.