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Friday, August 16, 2019

Loooong Months


  1. As it turned out Reggie even in spirit from had to sleep to recharge and that was when Bailey was freed and was able to take her body back. At first she was pissed at Reggie and Louis but after long talks with Louis Bailey relaxed and with Bailey relaxing Reggie was able to get more work done. After 3 months the three people Louis, Reggie and Bailey decided to stay this way because Reggie's real body had died 1 week after he was in Bailey's body and also Baily and Reggie had become one person with tow memories and two personalities they allowed Louis to have sex with Bailey when she was driving the body but lately Louis was unsure who was driving the body he was in love with and he did not care at this point. Bailey's body became pregnant I guess no one but Bailey and Reggie will know who is the mom and who is the new baby girl to make Louis happy they named the baby Regina but is that who is driving because her lips are sealed.

  2. funny,but doesn't makemuch sense, what about his body without a mind?

    1. I have to admit, I didn't think this story completely through, when I wrote it :-) Unfortunately it only occurred to me after I posted this cap.
      But I'm glad that you find the story funny!