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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Hidden Magazine


  1. lol - So was Ben responsible for the swap? I love how Gail just is too tired to keep searching for a way to change back.

    1. Ben wasn't responsible. It was really an accident. But he quickly realized the potential his new body brought with it ;-)
      While also taking advantage of the 'negative' effect his aunt's new body had on her, haha!

  2. She is gorgeous, what eyes. She will have no trouble finding cozy admirers. Free drinks, free dinners, just be friendly.

  3. WOW onrats Zapper yougot an answer out of Crest!
    Bye the way, very funny story!
    ALSO,PLS fiish oneof your best series 'NOY AS PLANNED" Mutual swappinng from time to time would only work into one of them falls in love- the nwhat?