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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Simple Deal


  1. I wounder when Carol wakes up from fainting will that be the end of the marriage or will Tom now Carol for the rest of her life be Just OK with it? Tom was waken by himself with a splash of seawater leaning up on her elbows and looking at her old body. In a commanding voice only wives and mothers have. Tom in Carols body said "Now look here there are going to be some new rules to this marriage." first get me up off this sand. second you will never unless I say so drink another drop of Alcohol. thirdly when we git home if you know what is good for you you will go down on me and make me cum so many time's and not release your self till I tell you so, Mater of fact you will call me Mistress from now on do you get me slave. Carol in Tom's body was shocked and just said quietly in your dreams. Well that was the wrong answer Carol in Tom's body found out that Tom in her old body knew somethings and before she knew it her body was on tops of her and beating the living shit out of her until she screamed in Toms voice Yes Mistress I will obey.

  2. LOL OUCH! terrific animation, very good story. I wonder if their marriage servives

  3. Hehehehe . . . Nice story and animation. I wonder if it was the alcohol or if she is using that as an excuse?

  4. What a perfect animation and a perfect body. Well done!