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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Alter Image


  1. lol - I wonder how long before they get swapped back? I'm guessing the longer they spend as each other the higher the odds they'll get together after the swap-back.


  2. They could never recreate the accident and after weeks stuck in each others body they came to terms with the new bodies and both had given both a makeover, like the planed but no one in their old circles like the new nerdy Tessa or the cool sexy Dexter they both were having coffee with the other then they just fell into a relationship. After the first time they had sex for Dexter he was a virgin both in mind and body but Tessa was not so her body did things Dexter was not ready for and Tessa's mind was driving Dexter;s body to do things that it had never done Both had a great time and both experienced Orgasms. this was the easiest thing to do now both minds could watch over their old bodies and make sure there were no mistakes. But both of the lovers did make one mistake and Dexter found her self Pregnant by the time the year was coming to an end.