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Friday, May 17, 2024

Where Is She? - Part 3

I sat down today and outlined the rest of the story. And I now have a pretty good idea where I want to go with it. I’m planning for this series to consist of 9 captions. But of course, this number can change because this is still very much work in progress :)


  1. Thank you for continuing. Looks like Josh’s mom won’t be much help. Looks like someone needs to get used to being the little sister. Can’t wait for part 4 and beyond

  2. I’m guessing Josh will met a hot boy and will suddenly stop carrying what Sofia is doing with Josh’s now EX-girlfriend. Josh will also start plotting how to best utilize that nicely sized bed.

    I don’t think mom is actually mom. Or at least, not originally mom. Maybe mom and dad swapped. That would explain mom’s ability to stay calm.

    Or maybe mom taught Sofia how to do the spell so that mom could spend extra time with Josh and the situation became even better for mom.

  3. Love that you decided to continue this. Cannot wait to see the full 9 parts!!

  4. Does Josh’s mom not believe her? Sounds like she thinks she is really talking with Sofia still :)