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Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Happy Girlfriend


  1. Of course, Josh plans and plans for revenge. Josh is about to begin exacting it…only to find Carl crying while mumbling about gaining the perfect girlfriend and losing her and losing Josh’s best friend. Josh is really affected by this, but less so than what Josh realizes Carl is about to do to himself. Josh had wanted revenge on Carl, but this is far worse than anything Josh contemplated doing to Carl. Josh stops Carl.

    Carl apologizes for using the mind altering spell to turn Josh into Jenny. Josh accepts the apology. Then Carl drops a bombshell. He asks Josh to become Jenny again, without the use of mind altering spells. Inwardly, Josh is quite unsure about this, but outwardly accepts. Josh doesn’t Carl to ever contemplate doing what Carl had been contemplating doing.

    It becomes one of the best decisions Josh has ever made. Carl is an excellent lover. Every time Josh screams in pleasure, Josh is amazed just how adept Carl became at pleasuring Jenny’s body in just one week. And the sex just keeps getting BETTER. And, in case they ever find another spellbook, Josh will definitely NEVER mention just how much better sex is as a woman than sex was as a man ever was.

    Jenny needs Carl to stay as her MAN.