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Thursday, March 21, 2024

Rich Friend

This is another story that’s based on an excellent idea that TGCaptionBlogger came up with when I showed him this pic. Once again, thank you sooo much, buddy, for letting me make use of your creativity :D


  1. Todd needs to have a very timely demise to pay for his evil intentions!

  2. good story, not much of a friend

  3. The part of the mind that is still Nelson won’t feel too bad after Todd has her a few times. After that, Nelson will embrace being Todd’s super hot girlfriend…then fiancé….then bride.

    And if Nelson’s family disowns Nelson, it won’t be a problem. Being the wife of an uber-wealthy man will be make it all worthwhile. And that’s just a bonus to all the hot sex.

  4. Thanks for consistently delivering content that resonates with me. Access reviews and critiques of Aviator gameplay on our blog platform.

  5. I'd love to see Nelson turn the tables on Todd