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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Learn A Lot

I decided to add a label for my 'Swap Class' captions, because I seem to be doing one of them at least every few months ;)


  1. Lucky he got that hot of a body, an lucky that that the swap will be permanent due to machine's malfunction

  2. Do you know her name? I need way more of her in my life.

  3. Wow... I would kill to have a few weeks to explore that body from the inside :) Super hot cap.

  4. Cool caption. I wonder if Ms. O'Hara had her own motives for the swap?


    Meanwhile back at Ms. O'Hara's house - "Babe, you wanna join me in the shower?" Linda asked, looking back at Kelly Ann O'Hara.

    "Be there in a second, hun." Kelly stretched her 6'6" male body out on the bed enjoying the afterglow of the fantastic sex she'd just had with her wife. Her keen youthful male eyes drank in Linda's luscious curves as she gave Kelly a show walking to the bathroom. "God, it's nice having 20/20 vision."

    Even though Kelly was a lesbian her wife Linda was bi. Kelly's position as a teacher and the swap class instructor gave her the opportunity to pick the hottest, strongest, and most athletic, male students to swap with if there was an uneven number of teenagers in the class.

    Lewis was the star defensive end on the varsity football team and as a senior had plenty of college offers. The fact that for the next month it would be Kelly, in his body, chasing down quarterbacks made the swap even more exciting for Kelly. Her body was to small and curvy for high school sports by swapping with the best male athletes she got to live out her fantasy of being a sports star while at school.

    Of course, she had to adjust the swap machine to give her the ball skills and sports knowledge of the student she swapped with, but it was a fair exchange. She made sure the boy in her body knew how to do his makeup and hair, put together an outfit, and teach her class. Unlike student-to-student swaps Lewis still had to live with his parents and Ms. O'Hara stayed at her place.

    "Are you coming?" Linda shouted. Kelly jumped up from the bed feeling her foot long cock begin to stiffen. "And it doesn't hurt that these male bodies can go several times in one evening."


    lol - Just a thought.

  5. Now THAT was hot!!!!