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Friday, September 24, 2021

Reality Curse - Company


  1. Is the curse is limited to changing him into people that already exist? The Mother/daughter duo exist, the coworker and Molly as well, but was it so for his son's girlfriend?

    There was also some manner of mind transformation when he changed into the teenager and girlfriend and I wonder how far this changes can go. If the target is in dire need of an extra doctor to help cover his shift would Fred be able to practice?

    1. You know what's great about this series?
      We are all finding out more about this curse as it goes. Because honestly I know as much about it as Fred. (Okay, with the exception of the two son-episodes. One of which is still to come ;-))

      All I can say is that Fred is changing into exactly THE person that his focused 'target' wants to see. In all the prequels to the original cap it has been already existing people,'s not always going to be like that ;-)

      Thank you, greg, for your interest in this series. It honestly keeps me on my toes! And I hope to read more from you in the upcoming parts!

  2. I wonder if he can figure out a way to start using the curse to his advantage? Like helping people find closure?

    1. I think the problem is, that's what the curse already does but at the cost of his social and professional life. There is absolutely no way for him to rest easy if he is next to someone and his family is not immune to it.

      A romantic dinner with his wife in a nice restaurant and suddenly he changes into the date of the guy at the next table while his wife's memory is rewritten to believe he stood her up.

      Plus I don't know if it was done on purpose but the first change lasted literally seconds while the others keep getting longer. Is there an upper ceiling to the length of his transformation ? If not the guy is f***** long term even without taking into account what the curse would do if Fred doesn't go along with the plan.
      What happens if Fred bails on the desire of the target?

      I know I probably really overthink this, but I love these types of captions.

    2. @Zapper: greg's right. Fred HAS to help people in order to change back. But he's still in the discovery phase of the curse.

      @greg: you really are overthinking things, but....I'm loving it :-D
      But I promise that some of your questions will be answered in the next caps. Stay tuned and keep on reading ;-)