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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

An Unexpected Favor


  1. Kent now Carmen decided to play a prank on his single dad who was not having any luck with woman, and maybe after today when the real Carmen took her body back they would be a couple. Carmen called Kent Sr over to talk about the boys but He / she had other plans. Carmen got dressed in a sexy lingerie and heels with a long coat when Kent came in she got him a drink and then made him sit down when she dropped her coat that was when she would have said gacha and laugh but what happened when she took of the coat she tripped landing in Kent's lap but then it happened they started to kiss and by the time the boys got back from school Carmen was a changed woman and Kent's girlfriend the real Carmen could not use the reversal spell because their was love between the adults

  2. he didn't listen to a word she says LOL, nice touch he now likes men.

  3. I love it when the new body affects the mind. lol