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Tuesday, March 10, 2020



  1. One thing Rob did not know and Kate did was if you got pregnant the medallion would not work on you til the baby was out. Kate had been trying to get pregnant for 2yrs but the lab results came back that she just could not get pregnant. Kate had stayed friends with her college roommate and come to find out she had just given birth to her sixth child and her and her husband wanted more. Kate knew that rob was fertile so the old rod in her friends body and Kate as rob she knew they would be having a baby soon. Kate could not let her husband get her roommate pregnant that would be cheating but her as Rob and him as the roommate that was OK in her book. after the first time making love as Rob Kate knew she was going to love being the man in their mirage for the next 9months if not longer.

  2. LOL! why do I haave the feelibg they're going to be stuck?

  3. I loved the story and the animation. Well done. Oh and Nikir77's addition was cool too. lol