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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Stay Down


  1. Love this and to Tim's surprise he did notice little Greg stand at attention and over the next 3 weeks Tim now Amanda would work at to get Greg to brake that wall and it worked on the next full moon Greg asked Tim out to dinner as friends. Tim got all dressed up put on her sexiest underwear followed by her best LBD and wore the perfume Greg loved wearing 4 inch heal which she has learned to walk ing and loves it being 2 inches taller than Greg. The went to dinner having more to drink than was planed then they walked and talked down the river path under the romantic full moon at some point they were holding hands followed by interlocking their arms like a couple. and at one point Greg forgetting Amanda was really his roommate Tim took her in his arms and gave her a passionate kiss. They then stopped all the bullshit and went home where Greg took Amanda to bed and had multiple orgasms The next morning Greg woke to an empty bed he got up and went to the kitchen for a drink where he found Amanda in a silk robe cooking breakfast, She said sit just in time I remember you like your eggs sunny side up. Greg remembered the real Amanda could not cook water but his roommate Tim was a Junior Chef. Greg thought this could work the best of both worlds a great friend and cook and a girlfriend that loved sex, maybe even a wife if I play my cards right and don't scare him/her off.

  2. Nice! I love how his new body is slowly changing him.


  3. LOL ouch! good story, great animation. Very attractive woman