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Monday, October 15, 2018

So Big


  1. Gwen in Stan's body got the biggest boner in her life and after 4 times taking her old body Gwen fell asleep like Stan use to do. Stan in Gwen's body had 6 or more orgasms seeing Gwen knew all the right places to go and the Kiss on her old body. But the one thing Gwen did not realize was the magic power did not transfer when she got Stan's body. Stan in Gwen's body was tingling with power she was able to do things a normal woman or man could not do Stan realized Gwen did most of the house hold chores as a mortal because she did not like to use her powers for normal things but Stan was all over it the simplest tack he used magic and loved it and she would have to thank her boyfriend when he woke up about the power of magic. and the mind shattering effects of an Orgasm. The new Gwen was keeping the body and Stan would just have to deal with it weather she liked it or not.

  2. sexy & funny. good touch she wants his strength & size to clean with. Why do I have the feeling they wont swap back?

  3. I love the role reversal and how they are following their new urges. I don't think Gwen is going to give up her male body any time soon. Hehehehe