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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Neighborly Payback - Photos

Click here for Part 1.


  1. LOL CH it would be funny if he couldn't switch ack & instead she ended up on his boddy!!

  2. Can you do one where she reacts to the stuff that happened after she is unpossessed?

  3. I DON"T want him to get stuck! I want the plan to work. People getting stuck in the possessed body always happens. Can we for once have a happy ending? Let's watch her reaction and she if she's learned her lesson. If he's stuck this entire story becomes a sad series of regrets. If I re-read i could only think "bad idea" as something happens the whole things no fun. Not another punishment story. Don't make him stuck. please.

  4. How did he manage to stuff his body into that suit? lol The look on his face is strange considering he's pulling off the "evil" plan.