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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Technically Speaking - Next Door

Click here for Part 1.

Sometimes there are more things to say about a caption than just the caption itself. But until now I haven’t really found a good way to incorporate these things into my posts.
So, as of now, and every now and then, I’m going to add this ‘spoiler’ button to some of my captions. Inside these spoilers you are going to find the thoughts and motivations that I had when making the respective caption. Like a behind-the-scenes look, if you will.

When I’ve created the first caption, I haven’t even thought about making a series out of it. But after I’ve posted it and reread it I’ve noticed that there might be a potential for a sequel, and maybe more. So far, we’ve seen what the spell did to the parents, but how were the kids faring? Sure, they were out to get the ingredients to reverse the spell….but what would happen if they were overrun by their current bodies’ hormones and feelings just like their parents? I’ve started exploring this idea in my head, and when I’ve found this suitable image, I just had to write this sequel. And I still have a bunch of ideas in my head for the four of them (provided I can find the right pictures).


  1. Please do continue this series! Very well done and interesting

  2. LOL & sexy, well written. PLS continue if you can.
    Possiblities. The kids fall in love while wearing their parents body & get married.
    The parents love bing young & in a frsh young love & refusr to swap back
    One of the females gets prego, so they can't swap.
    They wait too loing to do it & get too used to their new bodies