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Friday, November 13, 2015

Creepy Invitation


  1. You knew she had magic powers yet you still insulted female athletics? Let me help you out here don't go insulting women's athletics, complaining how long it takes them to get ready, tell them they got it easier cause all they have to do is look pretty, say any chore is women's work, if her or any woman is in a bad mood don't let her hear you say it's PMS, and for the love of God don't ever be insensitive about pregnancy or child birth and don't even think of cheating on her. That's all the rules I can think of about dating witch. Oh hi honey no I didn't mean witch I meant sorceress I know you hate that word and all it's negative cogitations, no wait! stop chanting that spell please don't turn me into a POOF! woman, oh crap. I'm sorry honey please change me back I've got tickets for the game tomorrow, No I can't go like this! You know my jerk friends will hitting on me all day, grabbing my ass and trying to get into my panties. Go or I'll have to deal with them trying to get into my panties forever? sigh, Fine.

    I should have ran away(whispering to self), Nothing dear!