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Tuesday, August 4, 2015



  1. WOW! great story & super animation.

  2. The agencies machine also gave Dwayne enough of Marisol's memories, mannerisms, and language skills to seamlessly pass for Ricardo's wife. He easily impersonated her at the party and started collecting the much needed evidence.

    However, back at the head quarters Marisol, now with many of Dwayne's memories and skills, escapes her cell and successfully burns down the building, destroying the machine, and all the records of agents currently swapped and on assignment.

    Dwayne tries to contact the agency to arrange an extraction but the number doesn't pick up. He then sees the news about the building fire and the large number of people who had been trapped inside and died.

    Thinking his body is gone and waiting to be contacted Dwayne does the only thing he can, he maintains his cover. Ricardo has decided it's time to start a family. When Dwayne protests Ricardo spanks him and then ravishes him, much to his body's delight, and his humiliation. Dwayne tries to fight his body's needs but it's no use. He ends up having sex with Ricardo everyday, and loving it more and more, while hating himself for how much he loves having sex in his new female body . . . eventually gets pregnant and after recovering from the shock and horror he starts to feel the miracle of new life growing inside of him. After delivering the baby he realizes there is no way he could give up Marisol's body or his baby.

    Meanwhile Marisol, in Dwayne's body has traveled to DC and is successful in impersonating Dwayne and assumes his life. She has discovered how easy it is for her, in her large, strong, handsome male body to seduce women and is loving her new life as a special agent and playboy. Escaping her abusive husband, her weak and submissive body, and the life she hated is the best thing to ever happen to her.

    lol - couldn't resist. This caption would be a great set up for a longer story.